Our History


Crisden was founded in 1973 as a belt producer thanks to the enthusiasm and proactiveness of its founders Cristina and Denis, hence the name Crisden. The love for the product, the creativity and the willingness to "venture" led the company to be well-known in just a few years, among the most famous designers of national and international ready-to-wear brands. Still today, the company's first identity and strength is to promote each season with a rich research on models, materials and processes that can feed a vast archive of more than 32,000 catalogued models, maintained since the company's founding days. The company strives to create ideas and support the various fashion divisions of fashion brands for belts for clothing, as well as for those typically associated with leather goods. Thanks to the competence of our staff, Crisden is able to make a finished product from a design in its entirety based on the selection of materials, processes and shapes. We believe in the importance of quality in our products, complying with delivery dates while ensuring constant information flow with our customers.

Since 1973


 Via Raffaello Sanzio , 32
42124 Reggio Emilia (RE) Italy
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