18Sep 2019

47 years of history


Since 1973, the love for our products, creativity and the desire to "dare" lead the company to be recognised in a few years among the most renowned brands of national and international ready-to-wear fashion. Even today, the core identity and strength of the company is driving a wide-reach research for models, materials and processes every season that feed a vast archive of more than 32,000 models catalogued and preserved ever since the early days of the company. The company therefore proposes itself as a forge of ideas and support for various styles.

Thanks to the expertise of its staff, the company is able to create a fully finished product starting from the design and covering everything: choice of materials, processes and industrialisation. We believe in the importance of quality of service, compliance with delivery dates and continuous flow of information with our customers.

Since 1973


 Via Raffaello Sanzio , 32
42124 Reggio Emilia (RE) Italy
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